Stress management online

Performance on Demand has recently launched its innovative stress management on-line product, priced at just £5 for a single use and £12 for a multi use licence.

The stress management assessment (SMA) consists of 58 questions that cover a variety of stress, performance and health & well being related areas:

  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Relaxed
  • Positive engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Mental clarity & decisiveness
  • Self management
  • Control
  • Self esteem

Each time an individual completes an assessment a bespoke report is instantly produced providing advice and tips on how to deal with the 5 areas in which the user has performed least well in. In addition, it offers users the opportunity to buy into a variety of additional stress management and performance related products ranging from ½ day and full day HeartMath workshops to a variety of HeartMath related hardware and software products like the award winning emWave PSR, emWave 2 and emWave desktop. Additional and indeed ongoing reports are also available to those that sign up to the multiple use licence, which provides 12 assessments, making it ideal to test oneself on a monthly or even quarterly basis. Subsequent completions of the stress management on-line assessment activate the additional reports that show each users progress, or ‘distance travelled,’ in each of the key areas in simple to read and easy to understand graph form.

Where users are part of a group, whether this be company employees, healthcare, sports teams or educational bodies additional group reports are also made available. These include all of the above and also a High, Medium, Low risk pie chart that allows for the group administrators to prioritise and then target those that require additional help. 

In a Corporate environment, from a budgeting perspective and indeed a Duty of Care perspective the stress management on-line route fits the bill perfectly, providing an affordable product that encompasses the whole workforce and not just the senior executives. This unique assessment costs just £12 per user and if employees are encouraged to complete one each quarter the then it works out at just £4 per employee per year. In addition, health & well being advice and performance tips are provided on each completion.

For those in the health care environment POD’s stress management on-line tool also reports on GHQ12 and HAD and provides that all important ‘distance travelled’ report. For individuals, stress management on-line is available to buy online but to pre purchase group licenses and to set up bespoke reports please call 01189 896955 or fill in our enquiry form at