Skid Car Training & Skid Experiences – Why/What do we need to know?

The NFE Group has delivered Skid Car training and Skid Experiences to both fleet drivers and direct customers alike for many years. Many blue chip clients book their ‘at work’ drivers onto this course and additionally many individuals book themselves (or buy gift vouchers) for this invaluable driving and indeed life skill; which incidentally is compulsory in many countries!

The NFE Group operates from its brand new Training Centre within Donington Park Race Circuit’s, Formula E Paddock, from where it delivers a wide variety of workshops and practical driver safety courses to drivers of all standards and experience and across a wide range of vehicles.

The Skid Car, is a Scandinavian invention that gives our experienced and patient instructors the ability to recreate a variety of road conditions from dry through to ice which then allow drivers to both understand what causes a skid, experience it and then learn how to control, or better still, avoid it in the first place. Additionally, the flexibility of the Skid Car allows us to recreate ‘aquaplaning’ road conditions and also to create an ‘understeering’ and an ‘oversteering’ car. Conditions can be created that allow skidding at very low speeds so that everyone can learn at their own pace truly making the ‘Skid Experience’ valuable to all drivers.

Most drivers will have a fairly good idea of the 0-60 of their car but how many could tell you the 60-0? Additionally, how many drivers have been taught how to use ABS, or even know what the initials stand for? The Skid Car gives every driver the chance to not just learn what ABS can do, and importantly what it can’t do but also practise using it for real.

Skid is a generic term used to describe a loss of control, by a driver, of a vehicle however, the most common misconception is that it is the ‘vehicle’ that skids due to the state of the road surface or weather conditions when in fact it always due to fact that the driver has done ‘something’ to excess and the tyres have lost grip with the road; in essence it is ‘drivers’ that skid and not ‘vehicles.’

And so, in light of the above it is critically important to give all drivers the knowledge of what the causes of a skid are, then allow them to both create and then correct them before practising in the complete safety of a controlled environment and under the watchful and experienced eye of the NFE trainers. It is only by going through this process that drivers will then have the knowledge and skill to avoid skidding back in the real world. Key points covered:

·         Learning the 4 causes of a skid

·         Understanding tyres, tyre technology and available grip

·         Understeer, oversteer, aquaplaning, threshold braking, ABS familiarisation

·         Hands follow eyes & look for escape routes

Skid Training is available to all drivers whether for their job or for their own personal driving and we at NFE Group strongly recommend that all drivers take up the chance to learn this invaluable life skill, bearing in mind that driving is the riskiest activity that most of us do, and on a daily basis!

For customers buying a Skid Car training voucher they also get free entry to the Donington Park Grand Prix Collection; vouchers can be purchased online or by calling 01332 810007.

If you would like to view a video of the Skid Car in action please click here