4x4 Driver Training – 4x4 Experiences – 4x4 Gift Voucher – Donington Park Race Circuit

The NFE Group has delivered 4x4 Training & Driving Experiences to both fleet drivers and direct customers alike for many years. Many blue chip clients, particularly ‘Utility’ companies book their ‘at work’ drivers onto this course and additionally many individuals book themselves (or buy gift vouchers) for our ever popular 4x4 Driving Experience!

The NFE Group operates from its brand new Training Centre within Donington Park Race Circuit’s, Formula E Paddock, from where it delivers a wide variety of workshops and practical driver safety courses to drivers of all standards and experience and across a wide range of vehicles.

The NFE Group also manages the 4x4 Off Road course at Donington Park, which was completely rebuilt in 2015 and now provides an excellent training and experience venue for those interested in learning how to safely drive or operate a 4x4 vehicle whether for work or leisure. View video

The ‘occupational’ 4x4 driver is very often just presented with a set of keys to a 4x4 vehicle with no apparent 4x4 vehicle familiarisation, let alone actual 4x4 driver training. Potentially this leaves employers open to expensive and inconvenient additional fleet running costs, vehicle damage and worse still, exposure to Health & Safety legislation as employees have not been trained or even assessed as to their ability to carry out their work safely, i.e. driving.

4x4 driving is very much different to other forms of driving and involves careful planning, even on foot when appropriate. Importantly, drivers must be aware of how their vehicles can perform and what angles, approach, departure and break-over they are capable of. Traversing is an area that causes a lot of issues but when completed properly is very simple to do and of course wading can cause very expensive damage to a vehicle when done incorrectly!

Tyre choice, yes there is one, is really important as many 4x4’s will come with road tyres as a standard when of course intermediate or even off road may be better suited for the vehicles intended use. A 4x4 vehicle on road tyres will of course drive very nicely on a road however, when confronted with an off road environment it may not perform any better than a normal car!

And so once again, knowledge is power and as training provides that knowledge we strongly recommend that all drivers that do, or maybe required to go ‘off road’ attend one of the NFE Group 4x4 training courses; all courses cover as standard:

·         Preparing the vehicle – before going off road and before returning to the highway

·         Tyre choice – where are you going, what do you need - compromises

·         Understand the angles – approach, departure, break-over, wading depth, tilt, etc

·         Basic vehicle maintenance

·         Practical training in all the above

On the leisure and driving experience front the NFE Group 4x4 experience will also provide the knowledge and expertise as well as huge amounts of fun that drivers will benefit from. This is available to drivers of all standards and is completed in the NFE Group vehicles.

Customers buying a 4x4 off road training experience/voucher will also get free entry to the Donington Park Grand Prix Collection; vouchers can be purchased online or by calling 01332 810007.