Introduction to Well Being Programmes

Traditionally, Well Being Programmes have been expensive and therefore delivered only to senior executives or those employees who are suffering through stress. Performance on Demand has developed a flexible and inexpensive Well Being Programme that has at its heart the unique on line Well Being Profiler which has priced to be affordable to everyone and for every employee. This innovative tool provides instant feedback to users, takes just 10 minutes to complete, is part of an ongoing programme and importantly comes complete with a password protected Data Management area that has a variety of Group reports that further enable targeted further training to those that can benefit most.

The Well Being Profiler, WBP, which consists of a set of validated questions which the user answers, online, creates an individual resiliency score which forms the basis of the users Well Being Profile. This Well Being Profile helps to establish the user's potential to function (at work, at home or in a social context) at their optimum level and identify factors which might be preventing them from doing so. For example, the WBP will accurately report on the user's:

  • Resilience
  • Response to stress
  • Anxiety
  • Ability to relax/sleep
  • Self-esteem
  • Control
  • Self-management, and so on.

Users are encouraged to complete the WBP monthly and by doing so they enhance their Well Being Profile by creating comparison reports and a progress over time report (examples below). Advice is provided to users on every completion and this too is stored in their individual profile for future review as required and additionally discounted rates on a range of wellbeing products is also offered through the on line store.

From a group/corporate perspective the results are reported via the live, online, password protected Data Management area (example reports below). This valuable information quickly highlights those users that may require additional training or assistance and importantly, in which area. This key function also ensures that the programme is managed within a given budget.

Consultancy Days

To accompany this monthly package we also encourage clients to buy into a monthly/quarterly consultancy day. This can be used for;

  • Half or Full Day Health, Well Being & Resiliency workshop
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Combination of above

By having these days programmed this allows users to apply for places on 'advertised events' or 'coaching sessions' and/or gives programme administrators the ability to invite those users that are identified, via the Data Management area, as needing extra help.

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System Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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