Emwave® Pro Hardware And Software Program

emWave Pro is a unique training system that objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence - an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and in balance, and the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of harmonious coordination.

Using a pulse sensor plugged into your USB port, emWave Pro collects pulse data and translates coherence information into user-friendly graphics displayed on your computer screen. emWave Pro helps you create a coherent state through coherence techniques, interactive exercises and games, building resilience, increasing energy, and promoting focus, mental clarity and emotional balance.

The Tools for Success

  • Three interactive games help you transform stress into creative energy.
  • Emotion Visualizer® provides stunning colourful images which vary according to your emotional state and coherence level.
  • Coherence Coach® leads you through breathing exercises and a simple technique to rebalance your system.
  • My Inspiration enables you to create your own images for coherence building.
  • 25 profiles per database
  • Limited by system storage

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows® 7 or newer Operating System Preferred
Some features may not be available on older Operating Systems
1.0 GHz or faster processor - recommend Intel® Core™2 Duo at 2.0GHz or faster
1 GB RAM - recommended 2GB or more
One available USB Port
Progress View Displays best on Graphic Display Heights of at least 768 pixels
Internet Access Required for HeartCloud Access

Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion or later
Core™2 Duo at 1.8GHz or faster
One available USB Port
Internet Access Required for HeartCloud Access

Price £170.00