Individual Well Being Profile

Performance on Demand has created a unique online Well Being Profiler (WBP) that offers users an ongoing programme of assessment and training. After initial completion users receive a bespoke report that provides an overall Resiliency Score and, importantly, advice on how to improve in those areas in which they have scored least well. As well as the overall score the WBP also provides a score in each of the 10 areas assessed; Tiredness, Anger, Positive Attitude, Mental Clarity & Decisiveness, Control, Anxiety, Relaxed, Employee Engagement, Self Management and Self Esteem.

Having created a Well Being Profile the programme now sends monthly requests for users to recomplete their WBP with each completion providing an updated individual report giving additional advice on areas for improvement, as well as comparison data about how they have scored overall and in each area since previous WBP's. Finally, in the Individual Well Being Profile users can review their Performance over Time report which shows every WBP (max 12) in each of the 10 assessed areas in simple graph form, see example.

Performance on Demand also offers a range of self improvement tools including software and hardware products and the above package further entitles users to a 10% discount against all of the products in the POD online shop.

Price £39.00