emWave PC Sensor Module

Add emWave to a Second Computer

The emWave PC USB Sensor Module is a state-of-the-art interface device that powers the *Ear Sensor and interprets the data going to the software Program. The new USB Sensor Module features auto gain control, which greatly increases signal quality under difficult conditions such as cold hands, ears or other factors that contribute to reduced peripheral circulation. Thinner, longer, more flexible cable allows more freedom of movement while using the Ear Sensor and there is less signal loss.

The USB Sensor Module is only compatible with the Ear Sensor 6010-M

The USB Sensor Module is included in the full emWave® PC Package and is also available separately.

* Ear Sensor (Item # 6010-E) sold separately

Note: The Sensor Module will not work with the Freeze-Framer v1.x or v2.x software. You must have emWave PC v1.0.6 or above to use the new Sensor module.

Price £99.00 (includes FREE uk delivery)