Health and Wellbeing Workshops

  1. Excellent nutrition to help you lose weight and have more energy -half-day session (3 hours)

    This session provides delegates with practical advice and guidance on how to maintain a balanced diet in today's busy lifestyle. It will help you focus on what is good to eat to increase your energy levels and help those that wish develop a structured plan to lose weight.

    What delegates will learn:

    • What their individual basal metabolic rate is
    • How many calories they need to reduce to lose weight in a balanced way
    • The basics of nutrition and the essential food groups
    • The importance of hydration and mineral intake.
    • Understanding food labelling
    • What foods are good for you and which ones are not
    • How to develop a plan for healthy eating so you have more energy
    • New recipes to try out

    NOTE: We can focus this workshop so that is it is more tailored to helping people increase their energy levels and we can avoid the weight loss element

  2. Building your physical wellbeing and resilience -half day session (3 hours)

    This session provides delegates with practical tools and techniques on how to enhance their physical wellbeing and resilience, getting fitter and healthier. It will help individuals to structure an exercise plan that suits them and their lives. It will also provide some simple advice on effective nutrition, hydration and how to deal with personal change.

    What delegates will learn:

    • The triggers to enable them to make personal change
    • What weight they should be
    • All about the borg scale of perceived exertion and what it means to them
    • Simple practical exercises they can do to improve energy levels at work
    • Effective nutrition to sustain energy and what to take when exercising
    • How to develop an action plan to make improvements
  3. Building your mental toughness -half day session (3 hours)

    This session provides delegates with practical tools and techniques on how to enhance their cognitive resilience. It will help individuals to better control of their performance and situations. It focuses on the key skills of mental toughness and uses techniques used by elite athletes. They will learn how to control their mind through neuro-feedback helping them make better decisions about issues that maybe causing stress and anxiety.

    What delegates will learn:

    • Their current level of mental toughness
    • How to develop their mental toughness
    • How to control the Controllables
    • How to use the freeze frame technique to solve problems
    • The skills of mindful meditation and how to meditate in the moment
    • How the brain works and using neurofeedback how to get into a relaxed focus state
  4. Building your emotional wellbeing and resilience -half-day session (3 hours)

    This session provides delegates with practical tools and techniques on how to enhance their emotional well-being. It will help individuals to better control their negative emotions and the bio-chemicals that drive these emotions. Delegates will be able to evaluate their own levels of positivity and understand the benefits of focusing on these and how this can lead to greater energy levels and sustained performance, better sleep and less stress.

    What delegates will learn:

    • The bio-chemistry of negative and positive emotions
    • How to control our emotional brain through rhythmic breathing
    • How positivity can be used to increase levels of positive hormones
    • Their own level of positivity and negativity
    • Identify and develop strategies for working with your own internal barriers that affect performance and resilience
    • Shawn Achor's 21-day mantra to improve well-being
    • Develop their own golden ticket action plan (linked to wellbeing and positivity)
  5. Introduction to Building your Health and well-being -half-day session (3 hours)

    This session provides delegates with an overview of how to build their stress resilience through using simple tools and techniques that impact on their physiological, emotional and cognitive resilience. In general it provides advice on how to improve your health and well-being and guidance on how to improve energy levels and sleep

    What delegates will learn:

    • What we mean by resilience
    • How our resilience is compromised
    • How pressure affects our biology
    • Biofeedback (Cardio) and how to control our biology by manipulating our heart
    • About the vital health numbers, what they mean and how to improve them without drugs
    • A range of tools and techniques to help them increase their energy
    • Develop an action plan to improve their resilience

Additional Information about the style of our workshops

All the above sessions are interactive, coupled with high energy and engaging delivery. Our sessions provide delegates with useful, practical tools and techniques. Our sessions allow time for delegates to self-analyse helping them make informed choices on what they can do to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing and enhance their energy and resilience.

Online Wellbeing profiler

All our programmes can be supported by our online well-being profiler, allowing your employees to monitor and positively manage their well-being and resilience, through the bespoke advice it provides. This is a great way to further embed the learning from the workshops we can deliver.

What our Customers have said about our health and well-being workshops

Customers that have benefited from our Health and well-being programmes are:

  • Abellio-Greater Anglia Trains
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Northumbria Water
  • Essex and Suffolk Water
  • Cafcass
  • Scania GB
  • Vistage
  • Causeway IT
  • League Manager's Association
  • Builder's Merchant Federation
  • Nuvasive
  • Vodafone

Thanks for the excellent Managing Pressure and your Well-being course last week. I've been trying out your recommendations on drinking water, going for walks during the day, the breathing etc. and I am feeling very much more relaxed. The hours of sleep have risen steadily until last night I got the full 8 hours without waking once. I can't remember the last time that happened.-Ed Higgins Manager Northumbria Water (Nov 14)

Quite simply the best training I have ever attended, really inspired me to focus on my health and well-being. It's nice to know there are simple things that I can do to help myself, I felt really encouraged and not patronised, thanks- Hilary Barrett - Area Manager Cafcass (April 15)