POD in Education

Performance on Demand has recently merged with Ultima Performance, who has, for many years specialised in the delivery of our training programmes in Education.

Over the years, teachers have looked to us for effective ways of motivating and enhancing learning for students of all ages and we have developed a product line geared to do just that. Performance on Demand has learning programs, materials and technology to help students, teachers and other educators make the learning experience engaging and effective inside and outside the classroom.

  • Demonstrably and measurably delivers on all five aspects of the Change for Children Outcomes Framework of the 'Every Child Matters' agenda.
  • By improving learning, attitude, motivation and performance ensures that young people not only remain engaged in education and training, but also perform at a higher degree than predicted.
  • Gives children/young people the skills to manage their health, well being and resilience. In particular those young people who are growing up in difficult, disadvantaged and demanding environments.

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