Welcome to the Case Study section of our website; we are regularly being asked about the effectiveness of our programmes and so we have chosen to share some of the data, anonymously of course, that we have gathered over the years here. There is below, a cross section of groups and individuals from Schools to City firms and Manufacturing to individual users.

  1. Below you can clearly see the 'collective improvement' in all 10 areas covered by Performance on Demand's Wellbeing Profiler (WBP). This group of delegates all attended a full day Resiliency and Wellbeing workshop delivered by POD and completed the online WBP before and after the session (one month interval)
  2. The below slide shows the huge improvement by one individual from one of our corporate clients; this person was identified as having mild stress and anxiety after having completed the online Wellbeing Profiler. As well as attending a workshop with colleagues the individual in question also received some additional 1:1 telephone coaching.
  3. Below is another individual, this time an NHS employee, however, on this occasion whilst the 'issues' were identified by POD's Wellbeing Profiler the intervention was provided in-house by the Occupational Health team prior to the employee then self-managing the issue by regularly completing the WBP and acting on the advice provided.
  4. Just to show that Performance on Demand's range of products work across a wide variety of market sectors see below the data from a High School that undertook one of our programmes; you can clearly see a huge improvement across all areas. Proof that the advice is easy to understand, digest and implement, if you so choose!
  5. The below individual was signed off from work with Chronic Depression when referred to us; they attended a half day POD resiliency workshop and then used the techniques taught before returning to work after a short period of time.
  6. A stressed key employee for a London City firm was referred to POD and after a single 1:1 session they had improved sufficiently to return to work; subsequent 1:1 telephone support was also made available.
  7. Finally and most interestingly, this last group we have never met! This is a group of individuals that separately purchased POD's WBP online, completed it and we can only assume that they read the advice given and introduced it into their daily lives! They have not attended any workshop or received any other intervention other than the monthly online WBP. A great result for them and for us!

Additionally, when these statistics were analysed in more depth, those that had completed the most WBP's showed the biggest improvements. Users that completed between 5 & 10 monthly WBP's have showed a 34.5% improved resiliency score and those that have completed between 2 & 4 show a 9.7% improvement.


Here at POD you will often hear us say that we can only provide the opportunity to learn and improve but most pleasingly, all of the above data shows that those who choose to engage and then make the effort to change really do show massive improvements both individually and collectively.

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