POD in Business

Performance on Demand's Business programme starts with all employees taking part in the online Well Being Profiler (WBP). Each employee will receive the WBP monthly and can self monitor and compare to last month's results; they also receive bespoke and relevant tips after each completion. Corporately, you will receive group results showing those in High, Medium and Low Risk groups and from these results our staff work with you to develop the most appropriate training programmes targeted at those that require it.

One could argue, and many do, that as an employer you have a Duty of Care towards your employees with regards to reducing stress and increasing resilience in the workplace. Not only does the above programme go towards meeting your obligations in this regard but it has also proven to increase employee's performance by providing them with the tools to see through the problems in a calm and effective manner.

Employee sickness is reduced and increased outputs achieved which makes the cost of this programme completely self financing at worst whilst also meeting your Duty of Care obligations.

If stress is impacting the performance and retention of your staff, Performance on Demand can help. Our programmes have demonstrated significant improvements in performance, health, employee satisfaction and staff retention. At the core of the POD system is a set of scientifically validated tools and techniques that can help all people within an organisation gain renewed energy, greater mental health and emotional clarity and reduced stress.

Support is ongoing too with the online Profilers being delivered at regular intervals, decided by you, directly to your employees inbox.

Of course your employees will also benefit out of work from the tools learnt during this highly interactive, informative and enjoyable programme.

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