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Group Online Well Being Profiler - WBP

The Well Being Profiler (WBP) consists of 58 questions that cover a variety of stress, performance and health & wellbeing related areas:

  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Relaxed
  • Positive engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Mental clarity & decisiveness
  • Self management
  • Control
  • Self esteem

The programme is ongoing with Profilers being delivered by e-mail direct to each user on a monthly basis. They take around 10 minutes to complete and on completion a bespoke report is instantly produced providing advice and tips on how to deal with the 2 areas in which the user has performed least well in. Comparison reports with their previous Profiler and Distance Travelled reports are also created and provided live online and by e-mail. All reports, results and advice are stored in the users own Wellbeing Profile for review by them whenever they need it.

All of this data is also added to the 'group reports' area where a range of other reports are created and made available to those nominated as group administrators via the password protected Data Management area. Users are classified into three risk groups and shown in simple to understand pie charts that allows for the group administrators to prioritise and then target those that require additional help.

In a Corporate environment, from a budgeting perspective and indeed a Duty of Care perspective this unique Well Being Profiler really does fit the bill, providing an affordable product that encompasses the whole workforce and not just the senior executives. In addition, health & wellbeing advice and performance tips are provided on each completion.

For more information please call 01332 810007 or fill in our enquiry form at http://www.performanceondemand.co.uk/contacts

Below is an example of one of the Group Reports generated from the POD WBP.