Health, Well-being & Resilience

Health, Well-being & Resilience are words all too familiar as are the consequences of not having a good working programme within your organisation.  Performance on Demand (POD), a member of the NFE Group, specialises in this area, as you may expect from the Company name!  Traditionally, Health, Well-being & Resilience has been a difficult area, and indeed an expensive area, with consultants charging the earth to deliver programmes to the Senior Management team but leaving other employees to fend for themselves.

However, in addition to its ½ day workshops at just £95 per head, Performance on Demand has a unique and bespoke approach via its in-house developed, simple, yet effective on-line and easy use Stress/Performance Management Assessment (SMA).  The assessment, only available through POD, is designed to be completed regularly so as to provide an ongoing assessment and resiliency programme.  When completed the SMA provides an overall Resiliency Score as well as scores in each of the 10 areas below;

  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Relaxed
  • Positive engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Mental clarity & decisiveness
  • Self management
  • Control
  • Self esteem

The SMA additionally creates a bespoke report which is instantly available to the user; and after the 2nd completion this report also includes information showing improvements or otherwise against the previous assessment.  Additionally a ‘Distance Travelled’ report is available showing all previous assessments in graph format in each of the 10 areas above.  Finally and most importantly after every SMA the user receives instant and bespoke feedback and advice on how to improve in the two areas in which they have scored least well.

Where users are from a Company, Team or indeed any other Group there is an additional range of reports available, live and available 24/7 via the password protected Data Management area.  These ‘Corporate’ reports clearly identify those requiring additional help, advice and training and, importantly it also identifies the specific areas in which this assistance is required.

With workshop places from just £95 and the SMA at just £1 per user per month, this highly affordably Health, Well-being & Resilience programme is available to buy on-line or via 01332 810007.