Well Being Programme

Performance on Demand's Well Being Programme has a proven track record of success across a range of industries, sport, education and healthcare. Developed in house the online Well Being Profiler (WBP) sits at the heart of the Well Being Programme and is delivered monthly with every user receiving instant bespoke reports and advice; additionally a range of Group reports are available via the online password protected Data Management area. Workshops and 1:1 sessions can be added as required. Click here for more information

Group Online Well Being Profiler - WBP

The WBP tool is unique to us, has been developed in house and comes complete with a full Data Management area. On completion (10 mins), it provides instant feedback and advice to the user as well as creating a range of group reports that identify those that may need additional help. Completed monthly it also shows progress over time in each of the 10 assessed areas and overall. Group results can also be analysed to provide effective training, not just to the right people but in the right area Click here for more information.

Individual Well Being Profile - £39

This superb value product provides users with a year's individual programme of 12 Well Being Profilers (WBP), individual Resiliency reports after each completion, comparison reports showing progress since previous completion and an overall Distance Travelled Report. Bespoke advice about how to improve is provided as part of the reporting suite, based on results and additionally as part of this unique package a 10% discount is offered on all items in the POD online shop. For more information click here.

Well Being Workshop and 1:1 Training

To support the Well Being Profiler (WBP) you can schedule regular or ad hoc 'consultancy days' that can be used for workshops, 1:1 sessions or a combination. Programme users can be invited, or apply to attend based on information taken from the group reports. Workshops cater for up to 20 delegates and last around 3 hours. 1:1 sessions in hourly slots can also be scheduled for those that may need more specific and individual help. By adding a regular consultancy day to your Well Being Programme you will really start to see Well Being improve very quickly. Click here for more information

Individual places for Well Being & Resiliency Workshop

A unique ½ day workshop delivered at POD's training centre at Donington Park, DE74 2RP for just £95 per head. This course has been created specifically for smaller organisations, for individuals or indeed for larger Corporates who just need a single or a small number of places. The course however, still covers all of the salient points and includes all of the normal benefits gained from our bespoke workshops and is easily bookable on-line for between 1 - 12 delegates by clicking this link to calendar or by calling 01332 810007. For more details click here.

Management Training & Leadership Workshops

Choose from a range of traditional, new and bespoke workshops all of which include our unique online Well Being Profiler pre and post workshop. Click here to view our range of offerings or contact us to develop a bespoke workshop to suit your unique requirements; from just £95 per person.

Download Well Being Programme

Performance on Demand has worked with, and improved the performance of, a huge range of people from professional sports people to ADD & ADHD children in schools and from executives and staff in major Blue Chip corporations to the NHS and the Prison Service. As such we like to think that we can pretty much provide a programme to suit everyone.

All of our programmes are backed up by our unique on line Well Being Profiler (WBP) and a range of interventions/workshops that are supported by science; as well as just making damn good sense!

Choose from one of our 'standard' packages or programmes or ask us to create your own bespoke programme.

Most importantly we also pride ourselves on making our programmes cost negative at worst by creating a whole host of savings and improvements.

Don't just take our word for it though, see above comments from some of our customers.

"Hi Andy,

Thank you it works :)

I have a massive tender to submit by the 23rd December - so it was good to see that your survey picked the tiredness. I think it's amazing that the simple questions can get out the things out of me that I am just dealing with on a daily basis."




Thank you and Jon so much for today's session, I for one really found it extremely useful and informative. (Hopefully going forward this will help me turn my life around!)"

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